Thursday, 9 February 2012

I'm Ready for my Close-Up :-)

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Was up early yesterday for my visit to my GP. She was lovely and asked about the op and told me how surprised she was that they couldn't find the Primary despite all the tests and scans they did at the hospital. She gave me a sick note for 13 weeks. She said that was to cover my period of radiotherapy as "You don't want to work while you are having radiotherapy - there are side-effects!"
Of course, if I don't have to have radiotherapy then I can go back sooner! I will find out when I see Mr Hughes on the 20th of this month.

I miss my wonderful colleague (Hi Tracy!!) and my customers. I can't believe how many cards I've had from customers and groups that use the library (Hello Poets! Hi, Lace Ladies!).
She also gave me some stronger painkillers. I think it was a mistake trying to wean myself off them as I was holding myself stiffer and now it hurts even more. So I'll be good and keep taking them for now. At least I can move around a lot easier :-)

When I got back from the surgery I had to try to make myself look presentable as the photographer from The Sentinel was coming at 10am. He was a big, bald cheery bloke called Steve. He accepted a cup of coffee as it was so chilly outside, then he set to work getting me to sit on the sofa (not too taxing!) He also took a copy of an really old photo that I had dug up, of me and Roy Walker, from when I was on Catchphrase As part of the feature they are going to write about good times - my obsession with being on TV game shows! We also managed to get a screenshot from last year's Pointless. he said I could email that to him.

Then at 10.30am the journalist arrived. A very nice lady called Laura, who was due to give birth in 8 weeks. She asked me about the game show fetish first, then asked about the CUP and what I'd been through so far. She asked why I wasn't feeling angry, which I hadn't really thought about before. Lots of people get cancer and are living with it every day. Not sure why it hasn't worried me too much, maybe because they haven't really got to the bottom of it yet - so it doesn't seem real. Or maybe because Mt Hughes told me he was looking at a cure. I have every confidence in him. She said I was very positive.

I was more impressed when she said that she loved reading the blog. As a journalist she usually doesn't look forward to reading stuff that gets sent in, but she thought mine was okay. :-)

So today I'm catching up on some Junior Doctors on TV. My sister-in-law Jan told me that there were a few blood sample takings that sounded like what happened to me! You've got to feel sorry for them :-)


  1. Don't let yourself be too worn out, my dear. I recall how tiring posing for pictures is when one has an extra hole in oneself!

  2. I'll try not to! I guess I won't make the hallowed Page Three of The Sun like yourself - but I can hope :-)

  3. I think you deserve the front page of both The Sun and The Daily Mail ... what could possibly be bigger news? And I for one am thrilled at your upbeat attitude and how wonderfully you've handled yourself. Miss you -- how about a phone chat very soon????