Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Busy knitting nerves....

Happy times at Belgo's
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Well hello again :-)

Allow me to apologise for yesterday's miserable blog. What a moaner I was! I've attached a smiley picture to make up for it.

Nathan said to me "I've never heard you say 'It wrecks' before" and that's because I've never needed to say "it wrecks!"  before yesterday! It  was a bit pants, but when I went to the doctor's this morning she told me that all this pain and cramp is actually a good thing! It means that the nerves are knitting together and the muscles are actually protecting the nerves when they cramp up with every movement, She said she couldn't give me anything for it as it would interfere with the healing process. So, I just have to keep warm and take the painkillers she gave me last week.

Actually, reading the Cancer Handbook that they gave me at the hospital when I was diagnosed I realise that things could be a lot worse. I don't have to deal with a feeding tube, or loss of hair or prosthetics. I can happily potter around the house and chat to visitors and admire the flowers and cards that keep coming. I am so lucky.Thank-you to all of you who've sent cards and stuff. I especially love the lucky ballerina mouse that sits on my fireplace (thanks Coleen!) It's very cute :-) People are so nice!

I was very happy to see Tracy today who brought me up to speed with everything I've been missing at work. From the alcoholic, but charming, chap who thinks we don't notice when he swigs strong cider from the huge blue bottle he secretes in his Co-op carrier bag to the lovely book group regulars who have been asking how I'm doing. I was gutted to miss the training session for the new library system that we are going to have installed in April. It sounds like it has some impressive features. Hopefully I'll pick it up quickly enough when I get back.

Also saw my good buddy Janet who has suggested that when all this is sorted and I've had all my treatment then we should go off for a girly weekend. Should it be a spa or a posh hotel and shopping? Or why not a spa hotel AND shopping? It will be fun planning it over the next few weeks.Any suggestions gratefully received......

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