Friday, 12 July 2013

What I did on my week off - Part 2

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On Wednesday we decided to go to Prestatyn to see Cathy and her beautiful new shop in the High Street there.

Nouveau Riche
In fact Nathan and I realised we've never been to the seaside together - and it was the perfect day for it! We went by car and made pretty good time in the heat! It was nice to find there was a free car park in the town - so we went for a walkabout to see if we could find Nouveau Riche.

It was easy to spot - it is vert classy and has the most beautiful glass display in the middle of the entrance. Cathy and Rob have done an amazing job inside too - the d├ęcor and wallpaper and all the individual pieces of furniture go so well together and make such a cool and sophisticated vibe. The clothes and bags and accessories are fab too - you should all go and have a look :-)

We asked Cathy where was a good place to have lunch in Prestatyn and she promptly closed up the shop and took us for lunch to the Tudor House Tearooms just across the road! It was lovely to have a proper chat and catch-up - it has been a few years since we all saw each other. She was right too - the food and drinks were lovely - and the guys that own the place do fabulous cakes for all occasions too. Sadly our lunch was so huge - we didn't have room for dessert :-)

On the beach at last :-)

We made a couple of purchases back at the shop before setting off to find the sea! I had caught a glimpse as we had driven in but I wanted to paddle! We walked to the front at Prestatyn but it was a little pebbly. We did have a brief paddle - but Tracy (and the man in Tudor House) had told us that the nicest beach was at Talacre.

Sun, sea and sand

 So, we set off down the coast road to find it. It was pretty hot by now. When we got there the sea was quite a way out - so we walked across burning hot sand, wet sand that sucked us in and then lovely squishy sea mud until we got there! It was lovely and cool on the feet - but maybe a bit chilly to go for a swim! We walked along the sea's edge for a while. The beach was pretty deserted and we had a sit and hunted for shells. it was fun. Had to have an ice cream too - it's compulsory at the seaside after all!

We had a lovely day - and think we should book a beach holiday in the not too distant future! (After we've been to Las Vegas though :-) )

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