Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer here at last!

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Halloween in Summer?

Hasn't it been gorgeous? It has been so hot we've had to open actual windows in the library!

Actually it seems a bit strange at the moment at work as we are gearing up for our Summer Reading Challenge 2013.

Creepy Books

This is where we encourage school children to keep up their reading skills over the summer holidays by taking out and reading six books.
The strange thing is that this year's theme s CREEPY HOUSE - and it seems like we are putting up Halloween decorations in the blazing sun.

Summer Skeleton :-)
Still, Tracy and I have thrown ourselves into the challenge. Tracy crocheted a vey creepy spiders web and I have put up a skeleton to greet people as they come in. We have a Monster Hunt set up through the library - so we are ready to go on 13th July. Let's hope that we get hordes of kids in this summer - so we reach our targets this year :-)

Chick Lit Galore
For our other readers I've tried to make things summery still - with our Chick Lit display. Can't beat a bit of beach reading this time of year.

If you are looking for an easy reading gem that is a real page-turner  - I have just read this one: Lost and Found by Tom Winter.

I loved it - great writing style makes it gripping - I couldn't put it down. It was about a dissatisfied woman, Carol who is unhappy and can't see a way out of her miserable life.

Beach books :-)

This book is awesome...
Her friend suggests that she writes everything down - at least that will make her feel better. She put the letters in the post box with only a smiley face on the envelope. These end up in the undeliverable mail office and a lonely postman facing impending retirement with terror starts to read them. It is such a good story - check it out if you can.

Anthony Hammond makes a moon gazing hare

The Daleian Singers by the lake.
In my other job - as clerk to Silverdale Parish Council we have been organising a community Fun Day - just to bring the villagers together and get them all up to see the new Country Park that is right on their doorstep. So it took place on Sunday and I was so happy to see that the weather was so hot and sunny. It is the first one that the PC has organised and we didn't know how many people would turn up but we needn't have worried as we had over 2000 people there. Nathan and I went up to the site at 7am to start blowing up balloons and putting up signs. The fun fair arrived around 8am to start setting up and the other attractions gradually got there one by one. By 10 am - the opening time everyone was there - including the much-needed ice cream van!

Nathan conquering the climbing wall.
I did a spell on the gate selling programmes. Nathan went home to print out more signs as people seemed unsure where to park and where some of the attractions were. It was a really day but seemed to fly by! There was a male voice choir - the Daleian Singers who performed on a platform overlooking the lake. I was magical!

Loved the chainsaw sculptor, Anthony Hammond who made animals out of tree trunks using a chainsaw. He was amazing! He made an owl, an eagle and a hare. He is giving two of them to the Country Park to keep. It will be nice to go back there and see where Andrew, the ranger, decides to locate them.

I saw lots of happy kids. The climbing all was very popular - it as free so anyone could have a go. Nathan tried it - he was braver than me!!

View of the lake

The female blacksmith was really happy with the day as she said she'd sold more than at other events. She wasn't too happy with the weather though - as it was very hot at her forge when the temperature was so high anyway.

Pole turning on a lathe

I did feel a bit sorry for the birds of prey - but they were under shade and they each had a trough of water by them. They looked happy enough and seemed to enjoy all the attention they were getting.

The Daleian Singers

 Below are a couple of videos taken on the day:

 Me having a go at pole turning on the lathe.


The Daleian Singers perform by the lake - do you recognise the song?

Anthony Hammond and his chainsaw.

So all in all it was a successful day! Some of the organisers went to The Bush afterwards for a well-earned drink or two. I wouldn't be against helping to organise another one next year.....

As for this week - well I have the week off. I have one or two exciting plans - including seeing Kenneth Branagh doing Macbeth tomorrow night in Manchester. I have to say I am just a little excited - I'm sure you'll hear all about it pretty soon.

Also looking forward to a day tip to Prestatyn to see my friend and former colleague Cathy who has opened a fashion shop on the High Street there. It's called Nouveau-Riche and I can't wait to see it.

More news soon!

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