Saturday, 27 July 2013

Getting Crafty :-)

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I had a fun morning at work.

Window Spider!
Yesterday Tracy and I were sent a big box full of craft materials - ready for the craft sessions we are doing with the kids in the library on 28th August. Tracy suggested that we have a go at each project before we had to show the kids how to do them. Also, that would mean we'd have an example of how each one should look when it was finished - if we managed to make them correctly!!  "Here's one I made earlier" type of thing :-)

The first one I tackled was a window decoration - a translucent sheet with various creepy designs on them - just waiting to be coloured in.

I chose a spider :-) That was pretty easy to start with.. Then I tried the coaster - a foam spider shape with slits in so you could weave some coloured ribbon through it.

Awesome Coaster :-)

Then there was another self-adhesive shape to stick on the back to hide the ends of the ribbons. Then you finished it off with some stick on eyes, mouth and fangs. Lovely :-) I am really happy with that - I'll put my mug on it.

My Scratched-out Skeleton
Then I had to try the scratch art skeleton. A body shape in black - with a wooden scraper tool so that you could etch a design in it - to show the rainbow colours underneath. I had to find a good picture of a skeleton on the internet - just to guide me when drawing on the shapes. Then I got scraping! It reminded me of when I was little and used to have  whole set of these - with metal tools of different shapes which you could use to make quite intricate designs. (If you were artistic!)

I was really pleased with how this came out! Tracy had chosen to so a mobile - which had a LOT of pieces. She had to colour each one in - and she was making such a good job of it that it isn't quite finished yet. It is going to be epic!!

So now we can put them on display and encourage the real kids to sign up for our session! :-)

Peaceful afternoon
The afternoon was really warm - so I decided to sit in the shade of my shed and read a book. I wanted to make the most of the warm weather. I found a perfect spot to sit and read my book.

I managed to finish it too. It is called "The Girl from Station X - My Mother's Unknown Life" about a woman who discovers through her mother's diaries that she worked at Bletchley Park during the war. it is fascinating - I loved it.

It was a very pleasant afternoon - but now I'm sat by the open French Windows listening to the rain. It is nice to be cool!

We shall see if this is the end of the heatwave!

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