Friday, 26 July 2013

Things I am looking forward to....

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How are you all coping in the heat?
I am quite liking it - apart from the nights when it's impossible to sleep. If we are going to have proper summers for a few years I think we need to adopt a continental mentality where you have a nice siesta in the afternoons and stay up late at night. :-)

Glad it's Friday - we are looking forward to strolling into town and seeing The World's End tonight - hopefully in a severely air-conditioned cinema! In preparation we have already watched this week - Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz - as World's End is the third in the Cornetto Trilogy. I have high hopes for it!!

Something else we are REALLY looking forward to is a trip to Edinburgh next weekend - to see a bit of the Festival Fringe. I have been once before and it was just great! Everywhere you go you get handed leaflets and are beseeched to "Come and see our show!" We ended up seeing a wonderful play about a hairdresser who secretly wanted to be a plumber. It also included video they had taken on the streets of Edinburgh asking them what they secretly want to do. It was really good - and then afterwards the cast came into the audience and asked us what we wanted to be!

This year, however we have booked a couple of shows ahead - as we really don't want to miss them. The first is Susan Calman 's show - a comedian who we love from The News Quiz and Dead Boss - which was a great comedy on TV that I really hope is coming back :-) Nathan was particularly keen when I showed him one of her tweets from when she was in Venice. She said she spent the time looking at the building for handholds so she could climb them - like she did in Assassin's Creed.  He is just the same! I'll mention a place - like maybe Boston and he'll go "Oh, I've been there" and I say when did you go to Boston??? And he says "In Assassin's Creed!"

That should be fun. The other one we've booked - chosen by him this time is Festival of the Spoken Nerd - which as you might have guessed is a show with some pretty geeky people in it - including Matt Parker the stand-up maths comedian who he saw there a few years ago.

The rest of it we'll leave to chance - and see what happens. N is particularly excited as Ray Guns Look Real Enough (the band we saw at Modern Jago at the Critter Awards - you remember the guy who wore the tiger onesie!) are also in Edinburgh when we are - so we may get to catch them. I'd also like to see the Distraction Club if we can - featuring another Radio 4 regular - Mitch Benn. I saw also that he has a book out, called Terra - I really must buy it. Maybe I could get it signed if I bump into him???

In other news I am now the Social Media Manager for Interference - yeah - I've been promoted from just Moderator!! That means I will be tweeting and mentioning it on Facebook quite a lot. It is already showing improvement on how many people are talking about it - N looked at the stats and showed me! It's an experiment for a month - see if it increases the number of games played or new members! I even got a book out of my library about Online Marketing to help :-)

If you haven't had a go yet - jump in and try it. Or just have a look at the pictures that some of our players are drawing - they are amazing! I love Dusel's stuff (as does everyone on there!) It you look at the first page - you can see which drawings have been voted the best of the week - and all time. Check them out :-)

Off to get a cold, cold drink now... Have a good weekend!


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