Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I want a Library Cat!

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The Alpha Boiler
I am back at work this week. However - before I came back we did have a last fun day having a new boiler put in!

Isn't it a beauty? The old one had been on the blink for a while and finally gave up the ghost on Thursday night and the plumber was coming the very next morning to put in the new one. Good timing! Except that it happened half-way through Laura having a shower. She wasn't pleased :-)

The plumber, Lawrence was wonderful and arrived when he said he would and put in the new boiler and sorted out our dodgy pipework (which involved going in through the roof!) all in one day. He was very tidy too. I'd recommend him to anyone. Get in touch if you want his details!

Me and Laura rocking out :-) 
Actually the fun day was on Sunday. Nathan. Laura and I went to the free Stone Music Festival. We'd caught a bit of it last year - in the pouring rain - and enjoyed a band called the Kaiser Monkey Killers. We heard that they were on again this year so we decided to go.

I'm only drinking water :-)

The Christians

What a difference this year - the sun was shining and the town was packed with families enjoying the warmth and the good music and food and drinks from various outlets and stalls. Murphy's Marbles were on when we got there - bizarrely singing Fairy Tale of New York in the blazing sun. It was quite funny as everyone was singing along and when they'd finished one bloke in front of us shouted "Merry Christmas" and everyone laughed :-)

We grabbed some food in the Poste of Stone then went out to see what else was happening. The KMK were on after lunch. They do Indie Covers - songs by the Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys and can you guess which other band??? :-) They do lots of others too. They sound really good and everyone sing along because we all know the words. Good fun.

Feline customer :-)
Then we watched a band called Honey Ryder (named after the Bond girl) who were a little more folky - like Fleetwood Mac. They were pretty good and seemed to have quite a few fans wearing their t-shirts. Then later in the evening the headline band came on stage - The Christians. I remembered their songs from the 80s - especially Ideal World and Harvest for the World. They were great and brought the festival to a close brilliantly. It's a shame we'd only managed to get down there for one day - it had been on all week, with many different kinds of music available.

He had a wander around
Then Monday it was back to work!! It was lovely to see Tracy again and catch up with her and all the customers. We even had an extra customer - a cat!

I've always wanted a library cat since I read the book about Dewey the Library Cat in America. It is a great book and such a heart-warming story. I think every library should have a cat. Maybe ours will pop in again soon. :-)

Having a look through the front door.

I love this book!

Another Favourite Cat book :-)

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