Sunday, 20 January 2013

Different weekend....

Out in the Snow

Do you like our Snow Cat?

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Well, we didn't have the weekend we'd planned.

We were meant to be off to Oxford to visit with Greg in his new flat. He wanted to take us to the Pitt Rivers Museum - which is meant to be full of weird and wonderful exhibits brought back by intrepid Victorian explorers. Things like shrunken heads and body art and other wonders. Nathan wanted to take me to Mission Burritos as he loves the Mexican fast food they do and I wanted to go to Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant which Greg says is pretty good.

However all those plans went awry with the arrival of the snow. We did hope for a while it might not be too bad but halfway through Friday we decided we'd be safer staying at home.

Poor Tracy had a hair-raising journey to the library. It usually takes just 8 minutes - it took her 45 minutes in the snow. Then when she'd been there for just half an hour the boss called to say the libraries were closing. So she had to drive back home again! Luckily she was okay :-) She'd had one customer in that time - who seemed shocked that the library was closing - she didn't think it was that bad!

So we spent all of Friday indoors looking at the white stuff through the windows.
Outside the French Windows

Through the kitchen window

By Saturday we were fed-up of staying indoors and wanted to enjoy the snow a bit and get some fresh air! So we went out for a walk - over the marshes to May Bank and The Victoria pub. This is a busy place - but when we got there the car park was empty. Reassuringly, the lights were on so we went in and the was the wonderful smell of carvery. Sat atop the gleaming stainless steel was a huge turkey - complete and as yet uncarved. There were a couple of other people in there and the bar and kitchen staff. So we took of out hats and gloves and scarves and outer coats and sat down. It was lovely. We had warming drinks - I had some of Stone's Ginger Wine and Nathan has Christmas flavoured beer - called Frosty Bells. Quite suited to the conditions I think you'll agree :-)

We did go for the Carvery and it was delicious. it was so nice and warm in thee we didn't want to go back out into the cold. We lingered by the Quiz Machine and tried to win some money out of it by playing Monopoly. Sadly we didn't make a profit - mainly due to not knowing who won the FA Cup in 2008 and which baseball player had the best average in 1998.

It was fun though! Then we steeled ourselves, wrapped up again and went back outdoors to make the trek home through deep snow. We were quite disappointed that no-one had built a snowman on the Marshes - there was so much of the stuff. So, when we got back home we went into the back and built our own Snow Cat.

Today (Sunday) we once again have stayed in. We haven't been to Cheadle or Stone to see parents. I Skyped my mum and dad - so we could see they were fine!

I am just a bit worried as it has begun to snow again and I have to return to work tomorrow. I find it very scary driving in snow and ice but Nathan has said that he'll take me if it looks bad.

Hope things are okay wherever you are!


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