Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Snow - good or bad?

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Well snow is certainly pretty - but as we are meant to be driving down to Oxford this weekend I'm not so sure I love it that much. :-)

I do have Friday and Saturday off so if it gets too bad we'll just have to snuggle up in front of the fire and catch up with some Dexter. That is my current favourite TV show and I still have a long way to go to catch up to the current series. That's a GOOD thing - so many more episodes to look forward to. Nathan and I are just finishing watching both Dr Who and Torchwood from the beginning. Well - since Christopher Eccleston (my fave Doctor)  - not Patrick Troughton and all those....

We've had a few boiler problems recently - and had to call our the Glow-worm man in the end. He fixed the problem - then turned it off and got us to sign a form saying that we know it is not quite right and it's our responsibility if we switch it back on. Of course we did - and it is working so much better now!

It seems that the problem is that the gas pipe supplying the boiler is not the correct diameter - too narrow. So that could potentially mean that if we had the heating and hot water going - it could lessen the supply to the hob. If we'd left something cooking on there then the flame could go out only for the gas to come back through later when the heating was off. This could be dangerous - unless we keep an eye on things when we are cooking them. Which we do anyway - so I'm not too worried.

We will have to get the problem fixed though - otherwise we won't be able to have a new boiler fitted - or sell the house! A job for summer I think. We have no idea where the gas pipe goes between coming in at the front of the house and popping up by the boiler right at the back of the house - so it could be a very messy job (pulling up my tiled kitchen floor and/or my solid cherry wood floor in the lounge and hall) So it could be costly too - looks like this summer won't be the one where we go to Las Vegas either.

Still - something to work towards and look forward to for a little longer :-)

In Library news we had another famous poet at my library. This time it was John Lindley - the Cheshire Poet Laureate. He was so nice and friendly. Sadly I didn't get to go into the session with the Keele Poets - as it was a day when we were open. However he looked very happy when he came out and said that they were a great group. He asked where they could go and get a coffee - so I directed them up to The Bush pub. There are no coffee shops in Silverdale. I think there's a gap in the market here....

So, I think the session went really well. I think Nine Lives of the Cat is my favourite poem I've read of his.
I discovered also that Julia Donaldson had written a blog about when she came to Silverdale - have a look here.

Colin and Dilys on the occasion of his birthday.
I wonder who we should invite next??

We had a celebration this week - it was Nathan's dad's birthday on the 12th January. We went to The Crown in Stone and had a wonderful meal in their Holland's Restaurant. Very English fare - I had braised steak - which was so tender, N and his mum had lamb chops and the birthday boy had steak pie. All served with seasonal vegetables and delicious dauphinoise potatoes. Yummy.

On the health side of things - I am feeling great. I have a couple of appointments in the first week of February. one is with physio - so he can check whether I have been keeping up with my exercises! The other will be my check-up.

Hope all of you are keeping well - and warm!


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