Sunday, 6 January 2013

More festive photos

Playing games at Dom and Sharon's

New Year's Eve hats!

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I am writing this on my new (very small) laptop. Thanks to my parents :-)
It is a great Christmas present - much lighter, smaller and quicker to fire up than my previous one. That is twice the size, really heavy and takes so long to get going you have time to go and have a shower while waiting for something to happen. It must be over 7 years old - which is positively geriatric for a computer these days!

The new one is an Asus - with touch screen and Windows 8. The most impressive thing though is that  - it fits in my handbag!! I am very impressed :-)

My dad popped his tiny memory card from his camera into it - and it downloaded over 150 photos on less than 10 seconds - and put them into their own folder.

So I thought I'd share a few here....
Enthusiastic Party Popper Action!

Laura, Nathan and Me toast the New Year


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