Monday, 16 July 2012


I got the ALL CLEAR!! Wendy called me from the hospital after the meeting to say that the scan was clear - there was no evidence of any residue. So it looks like they did it! They cured me of cancer. That is pretty amazing! Thank-You UHNS, Mr Hughes, Dr Gahir, Wendy and everyone there :-)

I'll get more details when I go in next Monday. now I'm off to drink this champagne we've been saving....



  1. TRULY FANTASTIC NEWS!!! I am SOOOOO pleased for you and your family :)))))) How lovely that the hospital let you know early too and spared you the awful waiting.

    Huge hugs, Caroline


    1. Hi Caroline!
      Thanks a lot :-) I am still on Cloud 9!! I have just got back from the wig salon at the hospital - and I now have hair! I'll put some photos on the blog soon. I look almost normal - heehee!
      Hope that you are having a good summer - I think the weather might take a turn for the better soon. See you In September! xxxx