Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Gone Yesterday - Hair today!!

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I have been on quite a high since I got the good news about the scan. We did finish off two bottles of champagne then went for dinner at Harecastle Farm - we didn't drive I hasten to add! It was a very nice evening :-) - especially as my brother Dom and Sharon came over too. They gave me a very nice tropical plant. I hope I can look after it okay :-)

The next day I was back at work in the morning. it was pretty quiet - that could be because there were two huge coaches taking the residents of Silverdale off for a day trip. I don't think they left many people behind,

In the afternoon I heard a knock at the door and this bouquet arrived for me. I love pinks and purples. it was a very nice surprise :-)
Beautiful Bromeliad

Princess Posy
Thanks mum and dad :-)
 I am very lucky!

Today I was feeling so good when I got up I decided to go for a run. I haven't done this for quite a few months! But as I am all good now and it wasn't actually bucketing down with rain I thought I'd get back into it. I really want to do a Race for Life - to try to give something back for all the great care that I have received over the last nine months or so.

N came too - and we started at the beginning of the training programme for a 5k run that we had followed before. I have to admit - it wasn't as easy as I thought it would have been. To start with you only have to walk for 30 seconds then run for 30 seconds - and repeat it twenty times.

We were out on the marshes for only about twenty minutes - but my legs were aching! I think I have got a little out of condition. Still, now we have started again I can get back to fitness slowly. it's a great programme as you don't have to go crazy right at the beginning. it eases you into it :-)

Almost my hair!
Then this afternoon I had an appointment at the wig salon at the hospital: Fresh Hair. I had great fun trying on different wigs in different colours. They don't mind how many you try on! I found about three that looked pretty good - and close to my own hair before it fell out! I made a choice and then Gaynor, the fitter, trimmed it for me - so that it looked good.

Then I saw a longer wig on the other side of the salon and asked her if I could try it on just for a laugh. She said it was one that a customer had returned as she'd never used it - so it was a bargain at only £30. I tried it on - and loved it! So I bought the shorter one for weekdays - and the longer one for weekends and fun!
It is sitting on my wig stand now. When I wear it I'll get a photo and put it on here.

The Weekend Hair
Back view - pretty close to the original hair
It is nice to have hair again and look almost normal :-)

I won't need to wear my hat now!

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