Monday, 23 July 2012

Getting used to having hair...

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The longer fun hair :-)

I am getting used to my new hair styles. Have been wearing the shorter one for work and the longer one here, for going out and weekends.It is fun to change hairdos so quickly!

I got N to cut off what was left of my old hair - there were only a few straggly bits. and now it is much easy to put the wigs on. I don't need the head sock underneath to keep my own hair out of the way - which makes it much cooler.

I quite like the longer one :-)

Over the weekend we have celebrated a birthday  (Hello Mo!)by popping to Jalsa in Nwcastle for a curry. I have never been to this restaurant before and it was a pleasant surprise. it was very nice. There were a couple of vegans in the party and they were happy to do food for them and I loved mine as it wasn't too spicy!

Saturday we went to Pete's famous summer barbecue in Congleton. With great precision (or maybe luck :-) he chose the one day that was dry and warm. Almost sunny too! It was very enjoyable to sit outside and incinerate sausages. We could watch a mother duck with her ducklings all tucked under her wing, a rabbit and a squirrel in the gardens. It is a wildlife haven! We finished the evening with some very competitively fought games of Trivial Pursuit (me and N won!!) and Cranium - Girls v. Boys (Sorry to report the boys won!)

Today I have been to the hospital outpatients to Mr Hughes' clinic. I actually saw Mr Jim Fong, who I remembered from when I was in hospital after my operation in January. He is so happy and cheerful it was a pleasure to see him. Even when he wanted to put a camera up my nose and down my throat.

I told him that I'd got away without having that done last time and Mr Hughes said I looked fine so it wasn't necessary. He still wanted to do it though - to make sure. "It isn't painful, just a bit of discomfort - or so they say." he told me. I asked how he knew - had he ever had it done? he said actually yes he had so I told him he could do it then. I wonder if medical students have to try things out on each other when they are training?

Anyway it wasn't too painful, just made my eyes water! He pronounced everything looked fine and he would see me again in about six weeks. I asked him about the tinnitus in both my ears and he said he'd refer to to Audiology for a hearing test. I told him it had come on after the chemotherapy and he called in Dr Gahir. It was so lovely to see her again! She said I looked really well and had a look at my scan results. She mentioned that they had found something non-specific in the left breast. She said it had been on my original scans and hadn't changed at all so was something benign. She did say to be ultra-cautious they would do an ultrasound scan in the breast clinic.

So apart from those two appointments I won't need to go back until September. Dr Gahir said that because scans deliver a dose of radiation they will not do scans unless they (or I) find a problem. So I will been seen pretty frequently to keep an eye on me. I have total faith in them - they will look out for me :-) They have done an amazing job so far.

New hair is coming through!

This afternoon N and I had a very pleasant drive down to Birmingham Airport to collect my good friend Janet, who was flying back from Madeira. it was such a Lovelly afternoon and the airport looked shiny and bright and clean. It felt quite exciting - almost as if we were off on holiday ourselves. We got gorgeously refreshing creamy cooler drinks from Costa and waited for Jan to arrive. She was even slightly early. It was great to hear about her holiday as we drove her home. Madeira sounds beautiful, but the forest fires sounded scary.

This will be my fourth week of doing two mornings a week at work. I will be able to increase that next week - hopefully. I don't feel tired so I'm sure I'll be fine!

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