Sunday, 15 July 2012

Keeping busy...

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How was your weekend?
Mine was pretty nice. We made several visits to Swan Beer Festival - combined with Stone Music Festival. It was a good chance to meet up with friends that we haven't seen for ages - having been confined to the house for the last few months.

Friday night we sampled a few beers - well N did - I tried a cider but stopped then as I had offered to drive. I am not quite up to speed on drinking yet :-) But we had a nice chat and then N got to go to his favourite kebab place - Valley's in Stone. I had some very nice fried chicken (much nicer than KFC) and N had a chicken tikka kebab. They were as good as we remember them (from after poker :-)

The Kaiser Monkey Killers
On Saturday we went to The Swan in the afternoon to meet with another old mate of N's and  his "beer friend" :-)

We also took Laura. They tried a few beers too. Then we went to Chico's - the fantastic Mexican restaurant just across the road in the Crown Hotel. It is one of our favourite places to eat and they were very accommodating when we explained that L was vegan and asked if they could make something for her. All their food is cooked fresh so they were happy to make burritos without the cheese sauce and soured cream.
Rocking Out in the Sun

L  really enjoyed it. I had the Taco Stack with beef chilli - as I needed a change from having the edible sombrero which is what I always have! N had the chicken chimichanga. While we were in there we could hear a band playing in the market square as part of the festival. When we'd eaten we went out to watch them. They sounded great. they were called The Kaiser Monkey Killers and as you may have guessed they did covers of songs by bands such as the Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys and.. you get the idea!

What a Shame we Missed them...

They were really good. Then we went back to The Swan (can't stay away!) and had one more drink - but we were so full of food that we couldn't manage any more. We went home, sadly before seeing the Umpah Band that they had lined up for 9pm.

Welsh Beers = Giant Inflatable Daffodil 
It was a fun day though :-)

Sunday we went back again as N had asked his dad to come for some beers with him too. So more beer tokens were purchased and I had one Perry (which was smooth and fruity) from their cider selection. I think we have contributed to making The Swan Beer Festival 2012 a success!

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