Sunday, 16 February 2014

Scanxiety time again.....

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At last I've managed to sort out a date for my scan. There seems to have been a change in procedure since I had my last one. Usually they send you a date for the scan and then a couple of days before that day you pop into a local Vampire Sanctuary and get them to extract your blood. This is then sent off to the hospital so they can check your vital signs before they do the deed.

So, I have been hanging on to my blood envelope waiting for a date - so I know when to go to give up my blood. So I waited, and waited... and no date came through. I tried to call Appointments  - but always seemed to be 10th in the queue, so I didn't hang on. Eventually I got through and they told me they didn't need them - I should call Mr Hughes's secretary. She explained that they don't send you a date for your scan until they have received your blood! As they hadn't had any of mine - they had cancelled the scan request! She told me to get it done and then let her know right away.

So I went up to Bradwell Hospital last Wednesday to let them stick a needle in my arm and drain it off! It is obviously a very popular pastime - as there was a massive queue. Everyone wants a go! :-)

Then I let Nurse Wendy know and also called ENT.  I got a letter through - it is going to be on Thursday 20th February at 11am. So, I am pleased that is sorted. It's almost a year since the last one so fingers crossed...

Barbara and Peter
Dad likes chocolate cake!
In other news, it is my mum and dad's wedding anniversary today! We went out for lunch at The Wheatsheaf in Cheadle to celebrate  with them and Dom, Sharon and Sarah. Then back to theirs for cake and games. We played Smart Ass - which is not that easy as it seems to be very American. Still, it was fun! Sarah wanted to play the Spoons card game - which she won! Then of course no family gathering is complete without a game of Poppywally!

Back to work tomorrow. It is half-term so I guess we'll have a few more younger ones I ! In fact over the next fortnight we are doing a National Children's Survey - so I will be attempting to hand out and explain the forms to every child between 5 -11, get them to fill them in and put them in a box. Also record any refusals. Wish me luck!!
No more rain puddles!

Almost done!

The outside of the library is being improved for access. They are putting in a better ramp with handrails and trying to make the drainage work better so that the rain does not come under the door and wet the carpet. It is looking much  better already. Hopefully they'll be back to finish it tomorrow.
I was very impressed that the Poets managed to carry on their class despite the pneumatic drills and steam roller.

They are working on their Bards in the Bog project - where they are coming up with poems that I can put in the public toilet for people to read and reflect on while they are in there. It is coming up with some interesting results! More on this in a  later blog....

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