Thursday, 6 February 2014

A little bit of Full Frontal Nerdity...

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Life is getting back to normal after Bett. I am back in my library coping with the variable weather. The other day it was beautiful and sunny - with brightness sparkling through all the windows.

Silverdale in sunshine :-)
Then a few hours later it was raining so hard there was a lake outside the door and it was raining in through the roof in the office. I had to put bins under the drips until the roofing people could get over and fix it!

I do feel quite lucky that we live here in the Midlands though - and not by the coast or near a raging river. I feel for anyone who has been flooded or had their electricity cut off. We have it easy here.

On Saturday night we went over to Stafford to the Gatehouse Theatre to see Festival of the Spoken Nerd: Full-Frontal Nerdity.

We went with Janet and Terry. Although I think Janet misheard us when we said nerdity and enthusiastically agreed to come with us before she realised the truth :-) Heehee. They both enjoyed it though!

Toroidal Vortex
 Featuring a stand-up Mathematician, Matt Parker, a scientist Steve Mould (inventor of the "Mould Effect" :-) and Helen Arney who makes up songs about science, it is a funny and quirky show - with real flashes of danger.

They plug a pickle into the mains and create a fire tornado in direct contravention of all Health and Safety laws. Nathan was keen to try that at home as we have a waste paper bin exactly like the one they used. Fortunately we don't have a Lazy Susan though - phew!

The most impressive part as where they demonstrated a Toroidal Vortex.

They filled what looked like a kiddies play tunnel with smoke and then blew smoke rings with it. They were surprisingly powerful. They tapped it from the stage and knocked a lady's hat off at the back! Amazing.

You should see them if you can!!

Back to the present though and it is pouring with rain again! Poor Nathan has a bad cold - which is not good as he has so much work to do since Bett - as the orders come in.

We are all gearing up for the Education Innovation Conference & Exhibition 2014 in Manchester at the end of the month.

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