Sunday, 23 February 2014


I went for my scan on Thursday! I was optimistic and only put 1 hour on the car parking ticket. It worked - we were in and out in no time! I didn't even get to wait in the waiting room and drink a pint (of water) I was just directed to the main area - and told to keep drinking the water I had with me. Then a nurse came to take me straight through to get undressed - I put on the gown and was called into the bright white CT scan room.

The technician said "Have you ever had a CT scan before, Bernadette?" I told him I'd had quite a few! So, he didn't go through all the explanation - just got on with it. This time I had to go through it with my arms above my head - while they scanned my torso - then put them down by my side while I was having my head and neck scanned. The only bit that hurt was when he ripped the plaster off my arm that had been holding the needle in place (for the iodine injection) Ouch!!

So, now it's just a waiting game to see what the results are. I know they have their Team meetings on Mondays - so maybe they'll look at it then. I am sure I'll hear something quickly if there's a problem - so no news will be good news!!
Tracy and Al

Had a lovely meal on Friday night with Tracy (the Lady Trucker!!) and her hubby Al (also a Mobile Library driver). It as lovely to catch up and we did get a bit tiddly. We enjoyed a meal and some wine - then the males of the party decided it would be a good idea to try some Sambuca - with coffee beans in the bottom. Apparently you are supposed to light this on fire before drinking! Since none of us had a match or lighter - two ladies from the next table lent us theirs and looked on in amusement while Al and Nathan tried to light the drinks. They just succeeded in getting the lighter sticky with the liqueur before handing it back. I don't think they were too impressed!

We just had to drink it as it was - then tried some red and black Sambuca. I was the only one who had to get up the next morning!! I did look a little bleary-eyed in the library - but luckily it wasn't too busy. :-)

Last night when we went out to meet up with Danilo, I offered to drive so I wouldn't need to drink anything! Danilo is down from Edinburgh and it was lovely to see him again. We had a very nice Thai meal and good conversation. Nathan always says that Dan is the most intelligent person he knows - so we talked about Scottish devolution, banking, how to make Pi (not the kind you eat!) We did manage to perplex him though - Nathan told him about the magic trick that Morgan and West had performed on him when we went to see them back in November. He could not work out how they did it! It was the one where they got N to pick a random Harry Potter book - go to a page chosen by the audience - pick a word somewhere in the middle. After much showmanship they had the exact word circled on the exact page - that was in an envelope in Nathan's pocket.

We still have the page - and it was definitely from the book he chose!
Nathan choosing a word..

Dan said he'd always thought that these kind of mind-reading tricks were done with a stooge from the audience who was in on it - but knowing that it had happened to Nathan - he couldn't work it out. Hope it didn't keep him awake too long in the night!

In the meantime we are getting prepared for the Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition in Manchester next week! We will be back in our Jigsaw School Apps shirts and drumming up lots of business!

I'll report back on how that goes - looking forward to it!

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