Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Work is fun :-)

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I've been having fun at work - but before I tell you about that I must tell you that Nathan has been interviewed for a MSDN website and now they have put the finished article up there - have a look here:

They think that his story will be an inspiration to other developers - I am very proud of him :-)                                                                

Starbooks anyone? :-)
We have a few new projects in the library. Our first one is The Library Café (or serving hot drinks!)

There isn't anywhere you can get a cuppa in Silverdale - and we have been asked plenty of times!

But,  unless one of the local churches happen to be having a Coffee Morning - there isn't anywhere we can direct people.

So, we decided we'd do it ourselves. So, for just 30p you can get a cup (or mug!) of tea or coffee and biscuits. We think it might take off. We started on Monday - but only had one taker! I guess word needs to get around We have made a noticeboard with pink balloons on it - we'll put it out tomorrow and see how it goes!

Sadly tomorrow is the last day of term for the Keele Poets in Silverdale. They won't be back until September. On Tuesday Roger brought in their poems about Silverdale that he had printed out, for us to put up on the wall. Some of them have relatives that lived in Silverdale, or that were miners. Others were inspired by the black and white photos that we have up on the walls and by reading the local history books.

I have put them near the old mining photos that we have on loan from the Borough Museum. The poems they have written are amazing. Very relevant and moving. They are even paying to produce booklets with them in for us to give out. Come in and have a look at them - I think you'll be very impressed.

I like so many of them - but the one called "Waiting" by Megan has reduced most people who read it to tears. They are a very talented group.

What is Coming Soon???
Talking of talent - Tracy has been busy making flowers from yarn and have a look what she has done with them! The noticeboard is looking very colourful and eye-catching. She is doing a great job of getting people to ask about it! She had even bigger plans in the pipeline as her group are working on a "secret project" Watch this space!!

In other news - as members of CAMRA we were very happy to hear in the budget that George Osbourn has abolished the tax accumulator that was making the price of beer rise above inflation every year - and has actually reduced the tax by 1p.

Watch this space...

The number of pubs that have closed is terrible and it is good to see something that might help slow this down. We tried to do our bit to support the industry by attending the Porthill Beer Festival this weekend. It was held in the Cricket Club - and we went on Friday night initially - but it was absolutely packed! I don't know how they got so many people in the room! I have to say that there was a good selection of beers and a few interesting ciders too. They were each sponsored by a local business (for Example Tooltastic sponsored "Proper Job  or some other amusingly titled beer) This meant that they were pretty cheap compared to the usual guest ales you find in a pub.

We couldn't stay long though - as there was no room to breathe!

We were chatting to the manager the next day and he said he'd served 1400 pints that one night! They'd had to get on the phone early the next morning to the brewers to frantically try to get more beer for the rest of the weekend festival!

Saturday lunchtime was a bit calmer and we could try a few different drinks while eating their excellent cheese and onion baps. I had a rum cask cider and a whisky cask one - and I have to say  the rum flavoured one was far superior! It was strong and smooth. Very easy to drink.
Sunday was St Patrick's Day and we celebrated in Stone. had a very nice lunch with Nathan's parents. His dad got a very fetching hat to commemorate the day! I think it quite suits him :-)

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