Sunday, 3 March 2013


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I haven't had my hair cut since around October last year and it has been growing and growing quietly under my wigs. It was getting a little out of hand I have been wondering what to do with it. The problem is that it is so bushy! I try to blow dry it into (some kind of) shape but it won't stay put.

Crazy curls
N took a photo of it this morning before I went off to the hairdressers. I went to the same place I used to go along the road here - but there is a different lady there now called Tania. I told her of my dilemma and she understood as her friend has gone the through the exact same treatment and hair loss two years ago. Hers came back dark and curly too. She advised me to have it trimmed, then use straighteners to encourage it to straighten out a bit and stay flat under my wig. Her friend has highlights now rather than all over colour - as that involves fewer chemicals.

So, when I got home I used my tongs gently and my hair does look a lot better now. I still need to grow it a bit before I leave off the wigs though - especially for work.

Hopefully it will improve by summer and I can go au naturel once more!

N has had news of his prizes - they should be sent out on Monday. Besides the Lumia 920 phone he will get a Toshiba Ultrabook and an ASUS Tablet. It is all vey exciting!

In the meantime he is busy with his school apps - with his partner Darren. They are off around the area giving demos to schools. He is also entered for another competition - one where he needs people to vote for him. So, if you fancy doing that - have a look here:

 Ubelly (Microsoft's unofficial official developer blog) is looking for nominations for your favourite things of the year at

 They have categories for "Indie Game of the Year", "App of the Year" and "Developer of the Year". Just saying ;-) The game/app is called Interference and his company is called Centrifuge :-)
In other news we have become pub quizzers again - we go to the Greyhound on Sundays nights to try their quiz. It is good fun - and always involves a picture round and four random catagories. We started quite badly - but are improving! Also - we get free sandwiches and pork pies :-)

I've been to see a couple of films recently at the cinema - as I read a report in Men's Health that if you go to the cinema once a month you are 62% less likely to be anxious or depressed.  So for Valentine's Day Nathan took me to see a lovely romantic  zombie film. You may not think that possible, but the RomZomCom is a recognised genre. It was called Warm Bodies and was basically Romeo and Juliet with zombies.

It features Nicholas Hoult, who has been in Skins and was the boy in the Hugh Grant film About a Boy.  It was really, really good. We both enjoyed it too in different way. Would recommend it highly.

I also went to see A Song for Marion - a real weepie. I went with my good friend Janet and we both came out with red eyes! A lovely film too in its way. All about the life-affirming qualities of music and singing. Maybe I should join a choir like Janet. :-)

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