Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Back to work....

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It was nice to get back to work - and see it so busy! Seems that everyone is gradually coming out of hibernation - although we've had a couple of icy blasts at times!

It is sad that the Keele Poets have only two more weeks to go until they finish until September. The place is never the same without them! This term they have been working on (among other things) poems about Silverdale. I gave them all the local history books to look at or take away and from what Caroline showed me last week - they have come up with some astonishing and moving stuff. This week they are going to print them out and I am going to display them around the library under the photos we have of Silverdale Colliery and its workers.

The colliery closed down on Christmas Eve in 1998 and the site is now a beautiful country park with a lake and is teeming with wildlife. However it remains very much a mining village with a proud history. The photos we have are on loan from the Borough Museum in Newcastle - the poems should compliment them nicely!

Tracy is doing great with her new Knit and Natter, Crochet and Chatter group and we have been talking about finding a project for them to do together. Can't wait to tell you what it is - but I will - until we have photos and stuff. Watch this space....

Getting a bit longer...
I am still wearing my wigs - as they keep me warm. However under them - hair is growing still! I did have a lot cut off a couple of weeks ago - and now I do straighten it - so I got Nathan to take a couple of photos this morning. I think it starting to look a little more normal!

My friend Susan from South Carolina, America sent me a link to a very interesting article about Hyperthermia Therapy for the treatment of cancer. It was something I hadn't heard of before - but apparently it is showing promise as an experimental cancer therapy.

Cool spikey bits :-)
Seems they heat you up to make the cancer cells more susceptible to the usual treatments - but when they give you the radiotherapy and chemotherapy they can give you much lower doses. Sounds like a great step forward to me. They can only use it on certain types of tumours - but it sounds very promising.

Less chemo and radio have got to be much better for your quality of life after cancer. Less damage to other bits and bodily functions.

I am currently feeling great though - I don't have to go to the hospital at all this month! It is nice not to have to think about it until next month. :-)

In other news - Nathan went for his audition as the Yorkshire Ripper - he had to improvise a scene where he was questioned by police. The series is part of Crimes That Shook Britain series - and he would be in the background, but you wouldn't hear what he was saying or anything. Just a "reconstruction" Will let you know if he gets it - so you can all look out for him :-)

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!!

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