Sunday, 18 November 2012

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What have I been up to since I last blogged? Well, I am almost back to full time at work - I have now added Fridays back into my working week. Feels very good to be back to normal - and not too tired.

Could come in handy...
It did make me smile when I saw a new book just arrived on my desk - especially after what I wrote in my last blog. Fate must be preparing me...

Away from work - but connected with Nathan's work - we did go out last week to meet up with some other app developers in this area. He had spoken to them online - and we met a couple of them  when we went to the Windows8 Launch - but they thought that regular meet-ups might  be good for networking and sharing info, news and and tips.

So on Monday night we went along to a new place (to us!) a Japanese restaurant in Stoke called MISO. It is kind of opposite Sainsbury's - but a little further along the road. We found a handy car park just across from it. It was pretty busy inside - as it seems that Monday night is all-you-can-eat night. It is not a buffet though, You have waiter service - and you are given a menu order form and each person can order up to five items off it.

 Then these dishes all come - and you are given another order form and you can all order another five items - and so on until you can eat no more!

N and Katherine at Miso

It was pretty nice food too. Lots of chicken, beef and pork dishes. plenty of sushi - fish or veggie style. Lots of rice, dumplings and spring rolls.

We met Chris and Katherine from Lightwood Games and Dave and Nick who some times work with them. I can't pretend I understood everything that they were talking about (I was the only one there who isn't actually a programmer) but it was very interesting and I had a fun night. Plus - the plum wine was gorgeous!!

We said that we would all do it again - maybe in Stone next time. it seems an age since we went to Chicos.

As part of my duties at clerk to Silverdale Parish Council I attended to the Remembrance Day Service last Sunday at St Luke's Church. it was a lovely service and it was sunny and not too cold as we stood in silence outside by the war memorial to honour the local men who had given their lives in the two world wars.

Gorgeous new window
Our Jack

Part of the Display

I was back at St Lukes again today - as it was the unveiling and blessing of the new stained glass window in honour of Lord John Cadman, Baron Silverdale. (1877 - 1941) The present Lord Cadman and his wife and family were present and the service was conducted by Bishop David Bentley.

Oil on Water Design

The window had been designed by Graham Chaplin from Hednesford and was really beautiful. It is a modern design - compared to the other ones - but it fits in so perfectly.

The background was meant to represent the patters and colours of oil on water - as Lord Cadman - or Our Jack as he was known in Silverdale - was a very important person in the oil industry - especially in the 1930s and during the war.

The "bubbles" contain pictures of him and his life and Silverdale.

After the ceremony there were refreshments and wine at the back of the church. the people of Silverdale are so lovely - and many of my library customers belong to the church - so I had plenty of people to chat to. I even had a word with Lord Cadman - he was telling us of his one previous visit to Silverdale when he was very young. The family live in Northampton now.

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