Friday, 2 November 2012

Appointments This Week...

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I've had a couple of medical appointments this week. What is great is that I hardly think (or stress) about them anymore! Just routine :-)

On Monday I went to the hospital for my monthly check-up. We ended up waiting for quite a while - as my notes hadn't been taken through to the consultant - so they didn't realise I was there until Wendy my ace special nurse spotted me in the waiting room.

Earlier a nurse had come out to tell some people that they would have to wait (or could make another appointment if they didn't want to) as their doctor had been called up to the ward on an emergency - as someone's airway had become blocked. That seemed fair enough to me - and most folk there accepted that. Except for one couple who were whinging and moaning about it to her. She explained as much as she could be they still stormed off.

I'm sure if they had been gasping for breath on a ward they wouldn't have minded if the doctor didn't come for a couple of hours because he was treating some mardy people in out-patients!

Anyway we eventually got in to see a new consultant. He was determined to do everything possible - so he was very thorough. Not just a camera up one nostril - but both! Plus a good look around the throat and vocal chords. He felt all around my neck and under my chin. He pronounced that all looked and felt good  though - so it was very reassuring. I am back there again in four weeks.

Today (Friday) I went to see the physiotherapist at the Bradwell Hospital. I am lucky that this is just round the corner from the house. I saw Paul and we had a chat about what I'd been through and had a look how far I could move my arm and neck.

He said that my joints are fine and I don't have a frozen shoulder - but the soft tissue, muscles and nerves are causing the problems with mobility and pain. He told me how nerves usually glide through soft tissue when you move - but when you get scars the tissue is very tough and can adhere to the nerves - so it hurts to move. The only thing to do is stretch - very gently at first, to try to make things better. He said (like the consultants have said) that nerves do take literally years to mend - so I need to keep up with the exercises he gave me.

They are a lot gentler than the ones from the last physio. So I hope they'll improve things for me gradually :-) I have to go back to see him in a month.

If you see me around - just ask me "Have you done your exercises today??!!" I need encouragement!!

The amazing main atrium

Fascinating Rosetta Stone

Outside the British Library

Egyptian hieroglyphs

Looking down at the main atrium

A Mummy!!!

I forgot to mention the other day that when we went to the Microsoft launch - we also visited the British Museum the same day. We got to London a little early - so wanted to make the most of it! I have been there for years - and had a hankering to see the mummies again :-)

We had a very interesting hour wandering round the exhibits in the Ancient Egypt section.

The Rosetta Stone is one of their prize finds - it is written in three different languages - so enabled academics to start to actually translate Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

It looks very different from last time I came. It is much lighter and more spacious than before. The atrium is huge and really lets in the light. Although quite a few of the exhibits have low lighting to protect the precious ancient artefacts. We saw quite a few mummies before it was time to go.

It does make you wonder about the rights and wrongs of having all this priceless and ancient art here. Looking at the mummies and reading how carefully they were prepared for the afterlife, all the things that were put in the coffins with them - favourite jewels, food and even  tools to help them in the afterlife.

They would never have imagined they'd end up in rainy London being photographed on iPhones in the future! It is quite sad that they have ended up so far from home.

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