Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sherlock - the jewellery!

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Before I say anything else - I just want to say "Good luck!" to Tracy - my colleague and friend who is taking her HGV Driving Test tomorrow! How brave is she?? You wouldn't get me near the cab of one of those monsters. Tracy seems to revel in it though  - and can even reverse one into a tiny space.
Just remember Tracy:

We are busy getting ready for our trip to Eurogamer 2013. We set off on Thursday so just three days of work before then :-) Two in the library and one for the Parish Council. I am a bit sad that I won't be at work for the return of the awesome Keele Poets - but I am very happy that they are coming back to the library for another year.

We have had a fun weekend - visiting parents and making plum wine! Actually we've been making the wine all week- it is at the "bubbling away in the lounge" stage at the moment. The shed is far too cold now so we've had to bring the operation indoors. As we are making this one from scratch and not from a kit - it may not be ready until Christmas. The Rosé we did last time is pretty nice too - we are down to our last bottle!

I've also bought myself a new vacuum (I know - exciting stuff eh?) I only mention it because we've gone for a high tech cordless one that weighs very little. The old one wasn't picking anything up on our really thick bedroom carpet - but this one is amazing! It works so well - but with much less power. It's called a Gtech AirRam - have a look at the website if you are interested.

Sherlock-inspired :-)
This week I have mainly been new bracelets made by my talented niece: Sarah. She sells them on the internet - on Etsy.

Her shop is called Mystery&Charms.

I chose the ones with the Sherlock theme (I love that TV show) so they feature a violin and a scarf! They look pretty cool on!

I have spent most of Sunday afternoon  looking for my American tax number. You need one if you want to publish books world-wide on Kindle. Usually you have to call the USA for one - but I remembered that I'd been given one when I lived in South Carolina back in the year 2000. Eventually I found it!

The book is in the editing stage now - Nathan is proving to be a fab editor - he has an amazing attention to detail. So, it should be published in the not-too-distant future.

Have a good week!

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