Monday, 23 September 2013

CUP Awareness Week

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Buy a pin - only £1!

CUP Awareness Week: 23-29 Sep 2013.
The ten times campaign


Today is the start of CUP awareness week. After I was diagnosed the only place I managed to find information and support and hear stories from other CUP sufferers was on the Jo's Friends website. They are also raising money for research into Cancer of Unknown Primary and also raise awareness.

They have challenged us to sell 10 badges each - which means that 10 more people will know about CUP!

So, if you'd like a pin - let me know. I still have a few left!

Have a look at the website: Jo's Friends

Also - good news - Tracy passed her HGV test!! Congratulations to her - there'll be no stopping her now!

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