Friday, 21 September 2012

Naked man in the Library :-0

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Heehee - thought that would get your attention. Well you won't be disappointed :-) I was working today - so that Tracy could have the weekend off. So I was on my own. It was pretty busy at times but when it went quiet I thought I'd take a few photos of my library. (In my tea break!)

At work today :-)

Looking out from the Counter

This is me sat at my counter - the public computers are over by the windows. Then there is the view from my counter. As you can see - it did go a bit quiet! Don't worry there were plenty of customers later. I am pretty excited as not only do I have the Children's Laureate Julia Donaldson coming to my library - but also famous poet Simon Armitage!

Julia wrote The Gruffalo and the Gruffalo's Child among many other things. She is coming on a Wednesday in October at the invitation of the children from Silverdale Junior School. She is going to do a reading and some singing  - I can't wait! Although she did say that she WOULDN'T do The Gruffalo. She must be a bit fed up of it by now Maybe she'll do my favourite - The Highway Rat:

'Give me your buns and your biscuits! Give me your chocolate ├ęclairs!
For I am the Rat of the highway, and the Rat Thief never shares!'

I love him!

As for Simon Armitage - our Poetry tutor Caroline (Hi Caroline!!) knows him well and recently arranged his epic journey along the Pennine Way - where he took no money and had to barter his poetry for food and shelter. Apparently he passed a walking sock round after doing recitals in halls, pubs and people's homes. It was on Countryfile a while ago - did you see it?  

He is doing a special reading at Keele Uni in October but in the afternoon, as a special favour for Caroline he is coming to Silverdale Library to do a special session with her group of aspiring poets. They use my library every Thursday to write poetry - they are a really fun group. I wonder if he'd mind me asking him what it was like to interview Morrissey, as I only discovered today that he has done that! :-) Heehee - perhaps I should stick to asking about poetry.

How exciting will October be????

The Mystery Naked Man

As for the naked man - I have a photo of him on my wall by the counter. We have a whole range of photographs on loan from the Borough Museum, of scenes from the old Silverdale Colliery.

I have often wondered who he is - and have asked a few customers who have told me they used to work at the pit, if it is them! No-one has owned up to it yet!!

Do you recognise him??

In other news - with my other hat on as Parish clerk - we have commissioned a new Noticeboard for the village. It just happens to be positioned outside the Library! I think it is an attractive addition to the frontage. It is better than the old black broken one that was full of spiders every time I had to open it up and put some notice inside. This one is lovely - and has a metal back inside so that I can use magnets to put the notices up.

The New Noticeboard

Close-Up Version

It is almost time for Eurogamer again. Last year we went - and that is when I had just found my lump in my neck and had no idea what was in store for me.This year I am clear of cancer!! What an eventful year it has been since the last one :-)

Sunday Lunch with mum and dad :-)
 I am looking forward to it - I love going to London anytime - there is always so much going on. I'd be quite happy to live and work there. If it wasn't so expensive! Anyway - I'd miss my family - and we couldn't go out for lunch on a whim like we did last Sunday :-)

At the moment I am waiting for Nathan to get back from London - he went yesterday to go to a Dev Camp (I think it stands for Development or Developer's Camp) with Microsoft. As Windows 8 is out in October they want there to be some aps alreadyt available - so anyone who is working on one could go along and learn how to get it one there in time. All very technical! Who knows Interference might be on there by the launch! Since it was launched as a phone ap we've had loads more players and some hilairious games. You are all very welcome to join in the fun!

On a random note - I think I might have to have my hair cut soon! It is growing quite quickly now and getting a bit out of hand. I might get it trimmed - so  that it will grow back at an even rate.

Although now that the weather is turning decidedly nippy the wigs do keep my head warm!

Better call it a day there - I have to be up for work in the morning. :-)


  1. Look forward to seeing the new noticeboard, Berni, if not the mystery naked man! Think we might all be arriving on Thursday in our wellies at this rate?

    Caroline x

  2. The sun shone for us at Silverdale today in more ways than one. Lovely to see Tracey at the desk and 'our' cosy room waiting for us. Though goodness me, that wasn't all that was waiting for us... I could hardly take in the wonderful display which you had created to welcome us back, Berni! Poetry books... including those by a certain poet ;) ... lots of colourful inspiring quotes, a box of chocolate biscuits (we managed to save a few for Tracey) and then crowning it all YOUR POEM on the wall! I was close to shedding a few tears, I can tell you. The group were very pleased to be back and also touched. Wow!

    Given the sounds in your poem, you'll be amused to hear something new coming from our room from now on as I have got myself an old-fashioned playground bell. I spotted it in a charity shop and decided that it was perfect for calling time after our coffee break :)

    THANK YOU again, Berni - and see you next week!

    Caroline xxx

    1. Hi Caroline
      Glad you enjoyed the "surprises" :-)
      I am back from London now. Just got to see the consultant tomorrow - then I will be back at work. See you Thursday!

      B x

    2. Hi Caroline
      Thanks so much for the tickets :-) Really looking forward to seeing him in action!
      See you tomorrow! Woo!!!