Saturday, 15 September 2012

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.

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Ha ha - you'll be singing that song all day now :-)
Still got the tingling in my fingers - and it is in my toes a bit now. Consensus is that it is nerve damage from the chemo. It might go - in a year or so :-)
Beautiful Flowers
Still not heard anything about my physiotherapy - I guess I'll get an appointment through soon.

In the meantime I am keeping as active as possible and still enjoying work. Yesterday my old friend came to visit my library. I used to work at Staffs Uni with Phil, but hadn't seen her for years.

She had a job interview coming up (in a school library) so she wanted to have a look around our children's section. It was lovely to see her and have a discussion about children's literature.She loved my library - but then everyone does :-)

 I remember we used to both have a day out every Wednesday when we took the train to Manchester to attend the university on day release to get our Library Qualifications (Post-Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies if you want me to be more specific!). We were both lucky enough to be sponsored by the uni for two years. It was great fun!

She brought me some gorgeous flowers and cookies (Sorry we ate the cookies before I could take a photo). They are huge gladioli - we were (are) both big fans of Morrissey back in the day :-) They now look very nice in front of my fire.

I am happy to say that she let me know that she got the job too! Yay!

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