Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Week of Hedonism ahead :-)

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I've got a full week ahead - before the op. I am going to attend a Burns' Night celebration at The Swan in Stone on Monday night. Enjoy a cheeky whisky and some neeps and tatties. No sure I'll be too fussed about the haggis though! There is a rumour that last year there were deep-fried Mars bars for dessert so I'm pretty excited. "Try New Things" that's my motto :-)

Tuesday is my last Poker Night for a while - so am hoping that the guys all feel sorry for me and let me win - hee hee! Not much chance of that I don't think - so I'll just have to use my poker face to bamboozle them. I get a kick out of it when I win the hand and one of them says "You called with a 7,2 - why????" - and I can say "So that I can beat you like that!"

Wednesday the lovely Nathan has got us ticket to watch a TV show being filmed in London. He thought "My Life in Books" would be the kind of thing that I would love and I think he's right. Hosted by Anne Robinson it will also feature Pamela Stephenson and our Pointless friend - Alexander Armstrong. Should be a fun day trip.I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday it's back to work and there is a Parish Council meeting in the evening so I'll be on duty there too.

On Friday I am taking Nathan to my birthplace - Nelson in Lancashire. We have been meaning to go for ages so I thought it was time I got it sorted. I think he's ready to meet some of the crazier relations (Hi Auntie Anne!) I will try to find the house I was born in - I'm pretty sure it's still there. Maybe I'll even take him up Pendle Hill if the weather is nice. We are going to stay for the weekend so I'm sure there'll be lots of reminiscing and perhaps a little drinking too.

I was getting a little worried that I hadn't had the official letter from the hospital - the one that tells you that you have to stop eating from 10pm the night before. I rang the ENT department but they said I'd get it after Monday. She sounded very cheery and said the op was still on - "as long as the wind's in the right direction."

I guess that means my MRSA swabs were negative then! Before my small biopsy ops I'd had quick pre-assessments, a quick cotton bud up the nose, to make sure I wasn't carrying MRSA into hospital with me and check on blood pressure to make sure I was up to the general anaesthetic.

This time the assessment was much more thorough. it included taking three whole bottle full of blood (well - small vials - but there were 3!), doing an ECG, which was new to me. They produced a sheet of paper out of the machine that looked like an earthquake readout, and pronounced that my heart did indeed beat. That was good to know. Also the cotton buds went into other places besides my nose. I guess they have to be sure when it's a major op.They took my blood pressure twice and asked me my entire medical history.

So now I'm ready for anything :-) I will enjoy my fun week, then I'll be trying new things.......

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