Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Hospital Club

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I went to the Hospital Club today. No - not another medical appointment - this one was fun! We went to see the recording of My Life in Books, hosted by Anne Robinson with guests Pamela Stephenson and our old friend Alexander Armstrong. (Nathan and I were contestants on his Pointless, you know!)
It was a lovely day in London - so the week of Hedonism is going pretty well so far.

Monday was the (slightly early) Burns' Night celebration. Someone said that this blog could do with a few photos to liven it up - so here is the real Scottish piper and his very loud bagpipes. Then the haggis that was served with neeps and tatties. I ate all the veg - and tried a bit of the haggis before slipping it onto Nathan's plate :-)

Tuesday's poker didn't go to plan - in that neither of us won. But it was lovely that all the guys wished me well for the op and asked N to pop in and let them know how I'm going on.

Back to the medical stuff - I did go to my dentist on Tuesday to have the clean and polish that was recomended by the hospital dentait. I had onlty registered with this dentsist recently - and had been once then had left it for about 18 months. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't still be on their books and they'd tell me to go away. Not at all! They were very accomodating and managed to fit me in before my op. I went after work yesterday and was seen by a very nice young dentist and his cohort of giggly dental nurses. It sounded like they enjoy their job as much as I do! He looked in my mouth and said that he agreed with the beardy dentist and everything was fine, except for the cleaning of plaque that was overdue! "Hey, we're on a roll!" he said to the nurses "No-one has needed much doing today - and that's a GOOD thing!"
So he did the cleaning, while I squirmed in the chair, occasionally pausing to say "You're doing really well" in an encouraging way.
He was really quick and in no time at all I was on my way out of the door with sparkly teeth and a prescription for the mouthwash and fluoride toothpate that had been asked for in the letter I gave him from Mr Brindley.

He said that repeat prescriptions would be no problem - I can pop in for them anytime.
So that is another hurdle out of the way. I feel I am almost ready for going into hospital next week. Just needed one more thing - some pajamas that fasten up the front, that aren't men's ones. I struck gold today! I went to the HUGE Primark in Oxford Street, while I was in London, and got some very pretty ones.

I'm ready for anything now!!!

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  1. Vegan haggis, m'dear - that's what you want! ;-) I'm glad you're having a good week!