Sunday, 16 March 2014

CUP Conference


It's quite exciting that this month sees the CUP Conference in London on 21st/22nd March. This year it is called The Management, Treatment & Future Perspectives of Cancer of Unknown Primary. It is an amazing achievement for the CUP Foundation to attract so many medical experts from all over the world. Let's hope it helps to bring accurate diagnosis of this baffling cancer closer. We need to know where our cancers started to make our treatment more targeted and effective.
I am still at a loss to know what kind of cancer I had - even though I have been successfully treated by the wonderful UHNS. Reading the stories on the website - not everyone with this disease has been so lucky.

It is only for medical professionals but I look forward to reading some of the presentations afterwards. It's great to know that people are getting together to share their practice and ideas. Hope it's a good one!

Just another day at Silverdale Library
On that note - the Book Group is thinking of doing the Race for Life again this year. It will be in June - so if any lady wants to join us this time - let me know :-) I will be registering soon. It will be fun and the atmosphere is so wonderful.

Had a fun week at work - mainly thanks to the poets of Keele. 

Their latest escapade ...I mean project... is Bards in the Bog. They wanted to put poems in the toilet in the library! Caroline gave them homework - to write some suitable material - then this week they presented me with the finished poems!  So, I put them in the library's smallest room. Something for customers to contemplate while they are using the facilities. :-) I came up with a sign to let people know.

Suitable reading materials?
It will be interesting to see what the reaction of my library users will be!

 Even more exciting - Caroline has also arranged for Joy Winkler, the former Cheshire Poet Laureate to bring TOWN to Silverdale.

It is a play/poem set to music and performed live. The link above shows a poster for a previous tour. I will link to our press release as soon as we have it ready!

It will be on 12th May in the library at 7.30pm. The tickets will be on sale soon for £5 - refreshments included!

It will be very exciting to have a live performance in the library. I am really looking forward to it! Let's hope we get lots of support from the community and beyond!

I have a short week at the library this week - as I am off to Education Show 2014 at the NEC in Birmingham on Thursday and Friday - with my Jigsaw School Apps Sales Executive hat on. Once again we are the stand (H83) with the free biscuits :-) So, we had a trip to Makro this weekend! Find out more about what we get up to over at the Jigsaw School Apps blog.


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