Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Are you sure it's nearly summer?

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Summer Pudding - yummy!
Brrrr - went out for a short walk today - and was frozen! Even on Sunday when the sun was out and we were out in the back on the swinging seat - I had to go indoors to get a cardi! When is it going to warm up?

Anyway, what's been happening around here recently?

The Birthday girl - with champagne
Well, we celebrated a couple of birthdays. Firstly it was N's mum's birthday and we went to Harecastle Farm at Talke (Miller and Carter) , mainly because if you have signed up to their newsletters then you get a voucher for a free bottle of champagne on your birthday!

 It did feel very decadent as we were drinking it at lunchtime!! It was on my day off from the library - don't worry I wasn't drunk in charge of books :-)

I didn't have steak this time - but some delicious barbecued chicken - and a very naughty pudding! It was a vey nice celebration. I just hope that the Les Miserables DVD that I got her as a present hasn't depressed them too much since!

The Birthday boy :-)

It was also my dad's  birthday this week too - and we had a combined birthday and Eurovision party at ours on Saturday. It is a family tradition to have a Eurovision Party as we love to watch and have scorecards and try to guess who will win. I have to say none of us went for Denmark. I rather liked the doctor from Malta and Nathan liked Greece's "Alcohol is Free" (!) :-)

Eurovision goodies - flag cakes from Sarah!

We were quite intrigued by Azerbaijan and their man in a box - that was pretty original. A pretty good year I think - we had a lot of fun!

Otherwise I have been busy with work. One of our lovely customers brought in a large box of chocolates for Tracy and me - which was nice of him. He says we look after him - although we only request books for him like we do for anyone else! It is good to be appreciated though.

What lovely customers we have :-)

Makes up for the awkward troublesome customers - although we only really have one of those at Silverdale!

I'll leave you with one final photo today - a book title that made me smile. It is one of these light-hearted themed crime books. If you want to borrow it - let me know!!

I love this title!!

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