Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Check-ups, Birthdays and Festivals :-)

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I had the faster EVER appointment at the hospital on Monday. We got there a little early - so sauntered down to the ENT Main Reception - there was no-one in there! Handed in my ticket to the Receptionist, who told us to sit down and look out for our number on the screen. We sat down and I looked on the screen and our number was already there - instructing us to go to Sub-Wait 1.
So we went round the corner - and there was one couple in there - usually there is nowhere to sit.

We sat down once more and Nathan got his Kindle out - read three lines and the nurse came out and called my name. We went in to see Mr Uppal, who is lovely and cheery, and he said "I bet you've not seen it like this before, have you?" We confessed that we hadn't - it wasn't even 11.30 yet - our actual appointment time.
We asked him what was happening and he shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know. "I came through for the morning cancer meeting and it was like this - it's usually like a railway station out there!"

Anyway - he got back to asking me how I was feeling (fine), if I had any strange symptoms (I didn't) and then had a feel around my neck (all good). I didn't even need to have the camera up the nose this time - which is always a bonus when it happens :-)

He asked about my energy levels as most patients in my position complain about tiredness and lack of energy. I told him I had lots of energy and felt great. I see him again in 4 weeks time on 29th. We got out in less than five minutes - and it was still before 11.30am.

Must be a record!

As it was also Sarah's Birthday  (my niece) L and I went over to Cheadle to see her in the evening. Took her presents. Sadly N was working. He has a deadline of Friday for his Microsoft Windows 8 project - so really has to get his ap ready and perfect for verification on Friday. Having just had four days in London, he hasn't got much time left!

L and I had cake though - Sarah loves games too. Look what kind of cake she had:
Yes - a Batman Cake - yummy :-)

We had bought her a present from Eurogamer 2012 - can you tell what it is?Ten points if you said a Turret from the game Portal (and indeed Portal 2) She pronounced it "adorable" and went off to put it in her computer room.
Impressive - I'm sure you'll agree!
What a Weird Thing to Buy as a Present

On Tuesday night we'd forgotten that we'd got tickets for an event in Stone's Food and Drink Festival. It was a "Manger A Trois" which was something that only Stone does apparently. It involves going to one restaurant for a starter, then off to another for your main course , followed by a  little walk to another place for a sweet.

They are on all week and the one we chose was a "Musical Meander" which meant that all three venues had live music too.

We were told to be at Granville's at 7pm prompt to begin our exciting evening. There were 28 of us starting at Granville's - and similar numbers starting at the other 2 venues. We were given a menu so that we could choose our starter, main and sweet, and the couple who were organising us during the evening went to take our choices to the other restaurants.

Then we were served with a glass of champagne and our chosen starter and entertained by a rather energetic Irish band called "Murphy's Marbles" - they were good and played jigs and reels and some Irish folk songs that we knew.

Nathan enjoyed his chicken terrine with pickles vegetables and I loved my smoked haddock on horseradish potato salad. it was in fact delicious - even though n thinks horseradish is the work of the devil. :-)

Then we were told we had ten minutes left before we had to put our coast on and walk down the main street in Stone (Good job most of these places are pretty close together - as it was raining!) Our next port of call was The Lounge Café Bar, where I was served salmon as my main and Nathan had pork loin in peppercorn sauce. We were given loads of veg, roast potatoes and chips to share with our fellow diners.

Here we were entertained by a solo singer with an acoustic guitar who performed gentle songs by people like Damian Rice, David Gray  and Ed Sheeran. It was really nice, but they had definitely saved the best until last!

We were then whisked off to Stone Steak House in the Crown and Anchor Hotel. here we had out sweets, in n's case it was a HUGE chocolate brownie with ice cream, while I'd opted for the cheese and biscuits. Four kinds of tasty cheese, from Stilton to smoked to soft and creamy. There was some sweet and tangy fruit chutney to go with it.

In the corner was a man - in his 60s at least - dressed in a German Umpah-style clothes. You know the type - lederhosen, braces and Alpine cap with feathers in. he was sat holding a huge piano-accordion in front of a microphone.

Now by now some of our group had consumed a few drinks and were feeling decidedly merry. (I was feeling merry - but I wasn't drinking as I was driving!) and our entertainer struck up with some German drinking song and had us standing up, sitting down, leaning back, and forward, linking arms. Then he launched into some Elvis and Beatles songs and we all joined in. Then he got progressively sillier and sillier until he had us singing "She'll be Coming Round the Mountain" and even "The Wheels on the Bus" It was so funny - everyone was helpless with laughter. he just kept on all night and everyone just kept asking for more.
Our fellow diners and the Music Man in the Corner

"I am the Music Man" was another - and a rousing rendition of Sweet Caroline went down well too. Can you guess what we were singing in the photo below?

Singing in the Rain - indoors???

We had such a brilliant night - well done to the organisers. It is a great idea!

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